Classified under softwood, Cedar belongs to the family of Cedrus genus and the Pinaceae, which is the family of coniferous trees. Cedar is graceful and beautiful, yet strong and durable. If you are planning to build outdoor furniture for your patio or garden, you must seriously consider Cedar as the chosen raw material. 

The aromatic Cedar adds versatility, warmth, and natural beauty to your garden.

Read on to know why aromatic cedar makes for the perfect choice when it comes to garden furniture:

What is Aromatic Cedar?

Aromatic red Cedar is Juniperus Virginiana, commonly called Aromatic Red Cedar. Aromatic Cedar differs from red Cedar. The red Cedar refers to the entire tree, while aromatic Cedar refers to the wood of the Eastern Red Cedar. Aromatic Red Cedar is a natural moth buster. Aromatic eastern red cedar is a popular choice to make blanket chests and closet linings.

Advantages of Aromatic Cedar in outdoor furniture

Cedar has many advantages to offer to use it as outdoor garden or patio furniture. Read on to know the many benefits of using aromatic cedar for your outdoor furniture:

  1. Sustainable Furniture
    Aromatic Cedar is the recommended raw material for sustainable furniture. Aromatic Cedar has good strength but is not too hard for your saw blades, making it easy to work with. Cedar’s natural oil works as an insect repellent, making it the perfect choice for durable outdoor furniture. It resists mold, mildew, and decay for a long period. For minor projects where you need insect and rot resistance furniture and the pleasing aroma, Aromatic red Cedar is an excellent choice.
  2. Durable & Sturdy
    The wood has an age-old reputation of being durable, sound resistant, natural insect repellent, and porous. It lives through a damp climate. Western Red Cedar is lightweight and stable. Western Red Cedar is a bit more durable than white Cedar species. Aromatic Red Cedar does not absorb heat even at very high temperatures to help your outdoor furniture stay cool for use.
  3. Wrap & shrink resistant
    Aromatic Red Cedar offers durability and stability to your outdoor furniture. It does not warp, shrink or cup. It is crack-resistant and warp-resistant as compared to treated lumber. You do not need to apply any kind of layer of protective coating. Cedar offers exceptional durability because of the natural chemicals found in it. It further helps prevent termites and moisture that damages the wood causing breaking down.
  4. Prevents Water, decay, and bugs
    You would require the patio or garden furniture to be outdoors for a much longer time. You need the raw material that can withstand water, decay because of temperature, and pests. Cedar’s natural oil works for you to prevent damage caused by bugs, water, or decay.
  5.  Lightweight with excellent working properties
    You can give it from sanded to a smooth satin finish. It is easy to mold red Cedar into planes and shapes. The wood glues easily, making it ideal for outdoor usage. Cedar is a popular choice for making decks, shingles, blinds, shutters, exterior, and interior trim, and for exterior landscaping.
  6. Stability
    Cedar is a sturdy wood, not prone to warping or sagging. Aromatic Cedar gives your furniture a rustic look with exceptional durability. Cedar furniture can last between 20 to 30 years which is a longer duration than that of various other outdoor furniture raw materials including Pine.
  7. Natural properties
    Cedar odor is pungent, repelling insects yet pleasant to humans. The oils in Cedar protect the wood from decaying even in the harshest climates. Cedar furniture resists bacterial and fungal growth in Outdoor furniture.
  8. Cedar protects against fires
    Cedar is a fire-resistant material. Aromatic Red Cedar can meet minimum fire safety requirements, making it safe for interior and exterior application.

Low maintenance and affordability

Cedar furniture needs not or least maintenance to keep them in original forms and shapes. You can enjoy Cedar furniture for a longer period. Compared to other patio furniture, the Aromatic Cedar is quite affordable. Aromatic Cedar furniture will cost you less than teak and oak. !

Aromatic Cedar – The Perfect Choice for Outdoor Furniture

The advantages aromatic cedar brings to the table makes it the perfect pick for garden furniture. 

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