Ipe Clip

The DeckWise® Ipe Clip® EXTREME® Hidden Deck Fastener line features a hardened stainless steel insert with a black oxide coating. The insert is molded inside the fastener for the ultimate concealed look with supreme reinforcing hold-down strength. Every hardwood deck built with the DeckWise® Ipe Clip® EXTREME® hidden deck fastener series will produce a smooth, beautiful and longerlasting deck for generations to come.


(175) Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners
(190) Stainless Steel Star Drive Deck Screws
(12) 9,5mm (3/8″) Tapered Ipe Plugs
(1) 3,2mm (1/8″) High Speed Drill Bit
(1) T15 Star Drive Tip
(3) Deck Board Spacers*
(1) Instruction Sheet


(100) Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners
(100) Stainless Steel Star Drive Deck Screws
(1) Instruction Sheet

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Ipe Oil

Ipe oil is an absolute necessity for home-owners and contractors who are investing in hardwood projects. Over time, ipe succumbs to exposure to moisture as well as harmful ultraviolet rays. Ipe oil, a concoction specially designed to tackle this problem, nourishes hardwoods without raising much wood grain. This increases the hardwoods’ lifespan and keeps it durable for years to come. Ipe oil nourishes hardwoods from within while maintaining its natural appearance. This maintains your hardwoods’ beauty and protects it from future damage. Tropical Forest Products are the leading suppliers of top quality Ipe Oil. Our products are certified and graded and can be applied on all kinds of ipe wood, domestic as well exotic hardwoods. With a reputation for top-quality products at the most competitive rates, we assure nothing but quality ipe oil that protects and secures your investments and saves you expensive replacement costs in the future.

Ipe Plugs

When hidden deck fastening is NOT the preferred choice, we have the perfect
complete hardwood plug kit for face screwing on the market. Our Master Plug
Kit solves the problem by including your choice of four hardwood plug specie (smooth only) including a leading brand of wood glue in every kit. The DeckWise® Master Plug Kit fills in the gap where other so-called “complete wood plug kits” leave open. Finally, builders have the all-in-one system they’ve been asking for.

Master Plug Kit

  • 350 ct. or 1,050 ct. Hardwood Plugs
  • 350 ct. or 1,050 ct. DeckWise® 4x50mm (#8×2″) 305 grade Stainless Steel Screws
  • 1 Complete Drill&Drive™ 3-in-1 Drill Bit Set
  • 4 oz. Bottle Of Gorilla Glue®
  • Substitute screw options available. Call DeckWise® for a quote.


Builders know the DeckWise® brand of stainless steel TRIM-HEAD deck screws are a great way to ensure deck boards stick tight to joists with hidden deck fasteners. As part of the DeckWise® line of deck building products, our Colormatch screws give builders and DIY homeowners a reliable and secure way to fasten most types of decking material. From exotic hardwoods to thermally modified woods and composites, we’ve got you covered.

Deck Screws

  • 305 grade stainless steel provides anti-corrosion benefits (Also available in 316 marine grade stainless steel. Call for availability.)
  • T15 Star Drive finish heads for less stripping
  • Type 17 auger tip for easy penetration


DeckWise® WISECOAT® PREMIUM WOOD SEALER is a low VOC non-toxic waterproofer and sealer designed for use on hardwood decking and siding surfaces. This water-based formula utilizes proprietary nanotechnology to create a long-lasting breathable barrier against caustic weather conditions. By coating the wood fibers down at the cellular level, WiseCoat® provides protection from the inside out preventing cracking and splitting of the wood.

The unique formula absorbs deeply, inhibiting water intrusion by penetrating the hardwood surface to protect and stabilize the wood. WiseCoat® helps prevent the damaging effects of mold and mildew, dry rot, peeling, cupping of wood. As a nonfilm forming water-based sealer, it allows exotic and thermally modified hardwoods to age naturally without decay. WiseCoat® includes a semi-transparent tint that functions as a UV blocker to prevent the hardwood from graying while enhancing the natural grain and texture


  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Siding
  • Outdoor
  • Furniture
  • Docks
  • Shake Roofs
  • Railings
  • Timber Framing
  • Play Sets



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