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Your floor is one of the most-used components of your household. If you own white oak floors, you will want to care for and maintain them properly. Choose a versatile style and color for your household. Taking care of your floor will provide you with a greater shine and add value to your home’s hardwood floors. 

The most common question asked is “How do you clean hardwood White Oak floors?

Read on below to learn the essential tips to protect your household floors

Tools & Products

  • Broom 
  • Dustpan 
  • Vacuum 
  • Mop Bucket
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaner 
  • Floor Towel 
  • Mats / Rugs

Step 1: Keep Your Floors Looking Spotless

Begin by taking a good look at the floor. Whether it’s a residential home or a private building, dust particles are sitting on the surface. Try getting rid of these particles using the vacuum and regular sweeping. Use a dust mop, also known as a microfiber broom to eliminate allergens that are trapped in the wood or carpeted areas. We recommend using a broom and vacuum to remove dirt.

Step 2: Scrub & Dry Areas

Once the initial process of dusting is complete, the next step is creating a shine that lasts. Traditional mopping isn’t necessarily needed, instead opt for a sponge or microfiber damp mop as an alternative. There are advantages to using a microfiber damp mop. When deciding to use a dust mop, the fibers lead to a buildup of dirt. Microfiber does not retain excess moisture, which means the floor can get clean without damaging the wood. Make sure your cleaning equipment is intact and does not have any loose strings. While mopping, remove all excess water and make sure the microfiber mop is lightly damp when cleaning the floor. 

A quick tip: Reduce hardwood drying time by towel drying the floors.

We suggest you dilute small amounts of dish soap in water to use as a floor cleaner. It is a cost-efficient, sustainable solution to store-bought cleaning solutions. It is a small, yet effective way to do your part to help protect our planet. Use a damp mop to remove soapy leftovers on the floor before drying.

Step 3: Spot Cleaning Specific Areas

Now that you have swept, washed, and dried the floor, it is time to begin spot cleaning. Freshen up the hardwood floors by targeting the small areas that are soiled. This will enhance the appearance of the floors, leaving areas intended looking EXTRA shiny. Occasional spot cleaning allows you to mop the floor less frequently, leaving your rooms looking fresh and clean. It also reduces exposure to some harsh chemicals if you opt to use store-bought cleaning solutions.

Now that the surface is visibly clean apply whitewash to White Oak floors for a light, delicate look. 

The NEXT question isHow do you protect the clean White Oak hardwood floors?

The next step to deep cleaning is paying attention to the tools and cleaning products used to bring life back into your floors. These products are used to bring out the shine in floors, making them look squeaky clean. 

You should practice deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Step 1: Caring for Your Floors 

Add a layer of protection to your hardwood floors by using mats or rugs to keep the surface from getting damaged. Prevent the polyurethane finish of the hardwood from becoming dull due to dust and dirt. We recommend you place a mat outside your home for people to step on and remove their shoes. Similarly, add rugs to areas where guests often sit to keep your hardwood floors from losing their color. 

Step 2: Excessive Water Control

When it comes to white oak flooring it’s highly recommended you use mats to protect the floor from any out-of-control spills. Be sure to be cautious in rooms with hardwood floors such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. These areas are the most likely to have spills. Prevent water from spilling onto the White Oak hardwood flooring by using mats. 

Dial-up your air conditioners to control the humidity in your household, keep the humidity between 35 and 50 percent. 

The water that you use to clean your floor is different from your everyday water. Distilled water is a safe choice. Chlorinated or even tap water can be hard on the floors being treated with softeners and can lead to discoloration. If mineral deposits fall to the ground, they can bind to your hardwood floors, making them impossible to remove completely. 

Step 3: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

There could be items in your household that are potentially damaging to your floors. Use felt pads under the furniture when moving seats around to protect the hardwood floors from any scratches. Furniture coasters will remove the corners from the ground which may help prevent scratches from occurring. Smaller items such as shoes could be the reason for scratches. Be sure to keep the nails of your furry friends or pets nice and short for their safety too!

If you’ve reached this section, you’re aware of the steps involved in deep cleaning White Oak hardwood floors. On the other hand, here is what not to do:

  • Steam Cleaning: It’s very important to avoid using steamers on a hardwood floor. Using a steam mop on your hardwood floors may cause significant damage to your hardwood floors over time.
  • Tropical Finishing: Be aware of what products you’re applying to your floor. Some products claim to rejuvenate or refinish your hardwood floors however the results are short-lived, and wear off quickly. They create an unattractive effect that is difficult to remove. The best way to refinish your hardwood is having them sanded and sealed by a professional.

Why choose Tropical Forest Products (TFP) for Your White Oak Flooring


The White Oak lumber was discovered in Europe during the 18th century. The subspecies white oak, scientifically recognized as Quercus Alba, is native to North America and Canada, Mexico, and Central America. The heartwood color is authentic, light brown, and can have a pink or grayish cast. Sapwood is noted to be a white to off-white, pale cream.

The patterns are grainy and open with long rays, occasionally containing swirls, notches, and burls. Customize the pattern of your White Oak hardwood floors to your liking with Tropical Forest Products. Contact us at (647) 494-8142 to get a quote. At Tropical Forest Products we ensure all of our high quality lumber is durable enough to exceed the standards of your project, no matter the size.