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Get the deck you deserve, one that will last years, a deck that you’ll spend your time enjoying, not constantly taking care of. A dream deck for a lifetime of memories.

With our Ipe decking you will get:

  • Chemical-free, natural wood
  • Exceptional weather performance
  • Strong wood that does not splinter, break or scratch easily
  • Naturally rot, mould and termite resistant
  • Exceptional return on investment with decking that can last 70+ years!

Find out why Ipe is the best lumber for decks, terraces, patios, gazebos, fences, sidings and other exterior architecture. Discover how its beauty and natural resistance makes it the best type of decking material available anywhere in the world.

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We supply quality Ipe decking
to all provinces in Canada

Tropical Forest Products imports Ipe directly from South America and our staff selects high quality lumber to meet our clients’ needs. With years of experience providing decking, we are great partners whether you are looking for Ipe decking for a small residential project, a large scale commercial project or size in between. Our team is committed to ensuring successful lumber and decking delivery for your project.
Our boards are available in all major widths and lengths and we can create custom profiles upon request. If in doubt, give us a call to discuss what your project requires. Our team can check inventory, understand time constraints and shipping requirements, so you have a clear picture of availability and pricing.

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Patio Ipe wood


Ipe wood decking


Terrace Ipe wood


Which profile is right for you?

Standard | Pre-grooved | Tongue and groove

Require a consultation for your project? Fill out the form below and speak to an expert about your Ipe decking and lumber requirements. We regularly talk to architects and designers for custom profiles.




Ipe is an ecologically friendly wood choice, highly regarded for its ability to resist rot, insect attack and mould, without requiring the use of toxic chemicals that must be used on other decking wood to give them similar properties. Ipe is extremely dense and strong and its high wear durability makes it far more resistant to cracks and splintering. This is why Ipe decks can last for decades. Ipe is rated ‘High 50+ years’ for its decay resistance, though it tends to last much longer… if only there were a higher rating! Ipe shrugs off weather, with little effect on its structural integrity. Like metal for fire resistance, Ipe is rated an excellent ‘A1’.
Over time, the sun will change the color of the wood from the initial red-brown to a stunning silver patina.Best of all, when you buy Ipe from Tropical Forest Products you know your wood has been harvested from legally demarcated sustainable forests.

Ipe is an extremely economical and eco-friendly alternative to other types of wood, especially when life cycle is considered. When the cost of materials and labour are compared to alternative decking materials, Ipe’s lifespan puts it far in the lead. Compared to other decking materials like redwood cedar, composites and torrefied woods, Ipe is very competitively priced – but Ipe’s lifespan and properties make it by far the superior option.



 IpeCedarRedwoodTreated pine / CCA
AppearanceDoes not splinter, surface resists damage and remains smooth, sealer is required, turns to silver-grey patina over timeSplinters and scratches easily, without regular sealing becomes greySplinters and scratches easily, without regular sealing becomes blackBoards twist and cup, surface shows splits and checks, without regular sealing becomes grey-green and rough
GradeAll heart no sap, select gradeKnots and sap in common grade, grades varyKnots and sap in common grade, grades varyNumerous defects in grade
Resistance to termitesHigh resistanceLow resistanceLow resistanceDepends on treatment
Decay resistanceHigh 50+ yearsModerate 10-15 yearsModerate 10-15 yearsDepends on treatment
Resistance to marine borersHighLowLowMedium-high
Fire resistanceAB-CB-CC-D
Movement in serviceLowMediumMediumMedium-high
Bending strength25,400 psi6,800 psi7,900 psi14,500 psi
Max shear strength20609009401370
Hardness3680 lbs580 lbs480 lbs870 lbs
Weight per cubic foot69 lbs30 lbs30 lbs35-40 lbs

We import our Ipe decking and lumber directly from well-managed forests in South America. Each piece of lumber is inspected to ensure only high quality products are used. Talk to us to find out why we are the best Ipe decking supplier in all of North America.

Why Ipe for decking is the obvious choice

  • Lasts 70+ years
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to termites
  • No knots
  • Rich colour
  • Beautiful grain
  • Excellent for docks
  • Huge selection of sizes
  • High density
  • Resistant to shifts/bending
  • Resists scratches
  • Almost 2X as strong as Oak
  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Class A fire rating
  • Resistant to mould and fungi
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Boards up to 20 feet long
  • We custom mill to your dimensions
  • Used on world famous projects (eg.Coney Island in New York)
  • Resists splinters
  • Competitively priced



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