One of the strongest among wood species, Ipe, or the Brazilian wood will serve you for over 50 years and sometimes over 75 years. The high-density wood grows in Central and South America’s tropical regions. Its natural oil helps it survive in the insect-infested rain forest, giving it the natural protection shield against weather. However, as the owner, you need to ensure that you protect the decking and flooring against the weather for better maintenance.

How Long Does Ipe Decking Last?

Ipe is a popular choice for decking in North America primarily because people are more educated about the longevity of this species. Ipe belongs to the hardwood family that often outlasts the standard decking lifespan.

Although the innate attributes of Ipe help it endure weather, you still need to protect your deck from the weather elements that can help it last up to 100 years. You can do a lot to augment the longevity and sustainability of your decking options.

Tips to Protect IPE Wood from Weather

With the right techniques, you can extend the life of your ipe decking. Here are a few tips for Ipe decking maintenance and give it added protection against the vagaries of nature.

Conditioning the Hardwood

The density of Ipe is 66 to 75 lbs. per cubic ft, making it difficult for liquid to percolate inside the surface. Therefore, you do not need to treat decking with water sealant materials. Instead, you can simply condition your deck with hardwood oil periodically.This procedure will prevent weather elements from aging the wood as quickly as they would, otherwise.

If you keep your deck untreated, it will show the symptoms of aging by the changing of color from rich brown to silver platinum and eventually grey if kept untreated over a long period. Although the silver platinum color looks attractive, some prefer its original rich brown hue to make it look in its original condition.

Use of Stain

Use stain with conditioning oil to protect Ipe decking from weather elements and keep its original shades and prevent it from aging. The stain will not break under extreme weather. Stain soaked with conditioning oil will add extra protection and make it last a lot longer.

Roof Systems and Awnings

Add a roof system above the deck to save it from elements of weather. The direct effect is that it disallows the raindrops from pounding on the deck surface, causing damages in the long run. If you choose to keep it uncovered, then adding a retractable awning is a good option that you may consider. These awnings enable you to cover the deck when the sun is blazing or when there is incessant rain. To enjoy the streaming sunlight, roll the awning up.

Why Choose IPE Wood?

Ipe wood is one of the best for decking projects because of its durability, longevity, sustainability.

Although preventive maintenance is the key to sustain the well-conditioned deck for years, Ipe comes with some natural traits that will help extend the life span much longer.

Ipe is more durable because of its natural oil that preserves the wood in excellent conditions for years naturally and with little to no maintenance. 

However, for longevity, you need to maintain Ipe decking properly and extend the life to 50 or even up to 75 years. Sometimes, the decking lasts over 100 years with proper maintenance. The tips to remember are to seal the wood ends after cutting, apply the sealer to the freshly cut Ipe wood which will eventually slow and stop splitting.

Sourcing the Premier Quality Ipe

Tropical Forest Products offers high-quality Ipe wood you can easily maintain for years and extend its life span. TFP deals in FSC-certified Ipe woods. We conduct a study to protect you from the toxicity and allergy-prone features of Ipe, thus making it a much healthier decking option for you. Although Ipe is more expensive than the woods in its class with similar usability, TFP will get the best priced Ipe for your decking which is affordable and prevents your decking budget shoot up.

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